Thai Language class is held with a small group. This enables qualified and experienced Thai teachers to help students comprehend Thai language progressively. Class schedule is various giving the freedom for the students to choose the best that fit themselves.



Level 1: Beginner         

     Module 1-3

Level 2: Intermediate

     Module 4-6

Level 3: Advance 

          - Thai Culture

          - Social Problems 1,2

          - Newspaper 1, 2

     Classes are electable after Newspaper:


          Bible 1-3,

          Conversation 1,2

          Thai Competency Test*




*Must learn 3 months consecutively

Class Schedule: 

Morning Class: 

8am-12pm (4hrs/day, 20days/module)

Module  Rate                          6,500 baht

Special Module                      7,300 baht


Afternoon Class: 

2:30pm-4:30pm (2hrs/day, 20 days/module)

Module Rate                          5,000 baht

Special Module                      5,500 baht

(Textbook 300 baht/Module)


Korean Language class is held on a one-to-one and small group setting. This enables qualified and experienced native teachers help students comprehend Korean language progressively.

Class Schedule: 


Each Korean class is on appointment basis. All classes are set for 40 hours to complete.


Cluster A: Group Class

Fee : 500 Baht/2 hour/person (15 y/o and above)

         350 Baht/hour/person (14 y/o and below)


Cluster B: 1:1 Class

Fee : 550 Baht/2 hour/person (15 y/o and above)

         450 Baht/hour/person (14 y/o and below)



**Textbook : 300 baht / module

English as a universal language is vital in bridging gaps in the nations. Communication plays an essential role in travel and networking the global community. Each class is taught by native English speakers and well-trained ESL teachers.

Class Schedule: 


Each English class is on appointment basis.


Time:  2hr class / 2 days / week

Fee : 1 : 1              11,000 baht

         Group         6,000 baht


79/3-12 Ladprao Soi 112, Wangthonglang,

Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Tel: 66 (02) 539 4516-8    Fax: 66 (02) 530 6117  



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