music and language

Strings and Hymns are all so divine!


Set the mood right and we have stringed ensemble making beautiful praises for the Lord. 

Guitar class paves the avenue of discovering the talent in these kids. For some it may be learning a new instrument but the potential is definitely there. 




Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognize patterns. (


It refines discipline and patience.

Playing an instrument teaches kids to persevere through hours, months, and sometimes years of practice before they reach specific goals, such as performing with a band or memorizing a solo piece.

Sign Language

Signs and wonders only better.



Research shows that sign language hastens speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, increases parent-child bonding, and lets babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt, or hungry.  

Expression of oneself through Sign Language is an amazing way of conveying thoughts and feelings.  Language involves many other aspects including body language, emotional language, and more. Studies have shown that people who can sign have improved abilities to read general body language – an integral part of communication. (



Korean Language for Beginners

Bring the World to your child through language learning. 


Non-Formal: Hi, how are you? = 안녕, 어떻게 지내? 
Formal: Hi, how are you? = 안녕하세요, 잘 지내세요?



Learning a foreign and new language need not be a daunting experience. Studies suggest that at a cognitive and academic level, children learning an additional language are more creative, better at solving complex problems and usually score higher on standardised tests. Once children know a second language, it is easier for them to understand further languages structures, which is why experts say that every new language learnt is easier than the one before.


The more languages a person speaks, the better access he or she will have to different people and resources from other countries and cultures. Additionally, it helps children to better understand other cultures, expressions and styles of communication. This can encourage children to appreciate how big the world is and will open their mind greatly – which is always a good thing.



Korean Language for Beginners is definitely a great way to start being versatile in communication. Gaining new friends and confidence to share God's love to the nations.

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