Set the groove to the beat of the ball.

Basketball for boys and girls has never been so much fun. With discipline, work out and fun these awesome students strut their offense and defense prowess. 





  • It teaches you about being a good team player.

  • Basketball involves a lot of starting and stopping. Whilst, burning calories, building endurance, improve balance and coordination and muscles.

  • It helps develop concentration and self-discipline.

Fitness. Teamwork. Confidence. Assertiveness.


Flexibility, balance and control is what it takes to strike a pose. Gymnastics promotes good health and improve social skills by allowing students to discover their body's capacity to perform stunts. 

A sport of immense skill and dedication.

It improves your child's Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance, Strength, Commitment and Discipline.


Accompanied by God-given beauty and grace, the Gymnastics Club has been  enchanting BGIS guests and parents in every performance on stage.



- a traditional Korean martial art


As a sport, this improves physical fitness and weight control.

Children are observed to have an increased concentration span.

Learning respect for others and a huge increase in self confidence and self esteem.


Power of Perseverance

They learn that if something is difficult. But worth achieving.




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