Taekwondo is more than a sport. it helps you to enhance self-esteem, build confidence, develop self-discipline, teach self-defense, and strengthen the mind and body. Classes are taught by Master Whan, Jung (4th degree black belt) and Master Jon, Eun Yong (Certified from KUKKIWON (Taekwondo Headquarter, Korea). 


Class Schedule: 


Kids (5-12 years old)         3000 baht/month          4:00pm-5:00pm (M-T-Th)

Adult (12-above)                3500 baht/month          5:00pm-6:00pm (M-T-Th)



Music is the balm of the "Woe". Music helps the mind to develop concentration. One way is by playing the piano. Playing the piano increases cognitive development

Class Schedule: 

                                       Basic                       Intermediate

Registration                  300                                 300 

2 time/week            3600 baht/8hr.              6400 baht/8hr     

3 time/week            5400 baht/12hr             9600 baht/12hr

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